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Tankzilla - Crossroad / Mopar

€ 7,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

The debut single of the new Eindhoven Rockcity sensation TankZilla. 

So what does it sound like you ask? The first line of the bio says it all, ‘Satan fucked a panzer and the offshoot is TankZilla’. Think Big! Think Big Business, think Repomen, think Godzilla-sized riffs and beats. 

Limited editon of 200 copies of which 150 on Red/Black marbled vinyl and just 50 on Yellow/Black marbled vinyl. With silver flake TankZilla logo sticker. Yellow/Black vinyl sold out.

Buy now or cry later, don't say we didn't warn you.....






Release date; April 14 2019, all orders will be send out before or on release date.