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Tankzilla - Soulsurfer / Brother From Another Mother

€ 8,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

The successor of the spectacular debut single of Eindhoven Rockcity's two headed swamp-boogie sensation TankZilla. Featuring two brandnew tracks in the same vain as the two earlier tracks, hard hitting groovy stoner rock with huge riffs and big beats.

Limited editon of 200 copies of which 150 have been pressed on Red/Black marbled vinyl and just 50 copies on shiny Gold colored vinyl. Gold vinyl sold out.



Brother From Another Mother


Pssst, we also have an extremely limited amount of the debut single on Red/Black marbled vinyl left, so if you're still missing that one (and if you're quick) here's one last chance to get your hands on a copy of that one as well! Run!