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The Jack - First Round (sampler)

€ 20,21 (inclusief btw 21%)

The Jack - First Round

We've teamed up with our favourite local watering hole and some of Eindhoven's finest in heavy music to present you this great sampler LP to support The Jack in these challenging times. The record is a limited edition on colored vinyl and features some of our favorite local bands in metal, punk and stoner. Weather or not you've been to The Jack before or have yet to plan your first visit there doesn't matter, please support this great bar and one of the hangouts of the local Eindhoven scene by buying this LP.

ALL proceeds of the LP will go directly to The Jack, all bands have dontated their track to be included in support of it. 


Rompeprop - Pino

Offerblok - The Damage Done

He Said No - All The Best Days

Klont - Feed Them To The Pigs

No Matching Socks - One Cup (Melon Ball)

Snarled - Jack Of All Trades (Master Of None)

Souldust - Overload

White Boy Wasted - White Boy Wasted

Unlocked - Bloodcult

Komatsu - Lockdown

Joep Morsink - We Are The Jack


NB: this is a pre-order, release date of the LP is sometime during summer 2021