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Battles of 1977 - To All Our Cohorts

€ 12,50 (inclusief btw 21%)

Gatefold cover, w/download code. Limited editon on Gold vinyl (100 copies) or Black vinyl (150 copies)

A1   Secret Agenda  
A2   Holly Empress  
A3   Yull Brunner  
A4   Lies Of A Golden Pheasant  
A5   Black Dog  
A6   Dollar Driven  
A7   Bombs On My Doormat  
A8   Magnatizing Mainstream  
B1   Alliance  
B2   Cowgirl Ride  
B3   Conversation With A Mindless Head  
B4   A Battle In The Heart / Mind  
B5   Lil Wayne  
B6   Papertrail  
B7   Velvet Commando  
B8   Lieutenant Of The Poor  
B9   Long Distance Call To My Ball Breaker