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Komatsu - Recipe For Murder One

€ 20,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

Komatsu's second full length album. Featuring Nick Oliveri on guest vocals!

Gatefold cover w/download code

Limited edtion of 100 copies on Red vinyl and 100 copies on White vinyl w/grey haze. Also available on Black vinyl

Here's what the press has to say about the album;

Aardschok: "een essentieel album voor elke Roadburn adept" (85 points)

Pitkings: "Komatsu made a killer album" (9.2 points)


A1 Scavenger
A2 The Sea Is Calm Today
A3 So, How's About Billy?
A4 Lockdown (feat. Nick Oliveri)
A5 A Dish Best Served Cold
A6 WTF?!
B1 Recipe For Murder One
B2 There Must Be Something In Your Water
B3 The Long Way Home
B4 Against All Odds
B5 Breathe