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Komatsu - Recipe For Murder One

€ 20,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

Komatsu's second full length album. Featuring Nick Oliveri on guest vocals!

Gatefold cover w/download code

Limited edtion of 100 copies on Red vinyl and 100 copies on White vinyl w/grey haze. Also available on Black vinyl

Here's what the press has to say about the album;

Aardschok: "een essentieel album voor elke Roadburn adept" (85 points)

Pitkings: "Komatsu made a killer album" (9.2 points)


A1 Scavenger
A2 The Sea Is Calm Today
A3 So, How's About Billy?
A4 Lockdown (feat. Nick Oliveri)
A5 A Dish Best Served Cold
A6 WTF?!
B1 Recipe For Murder One
B2 There Must Be Something In Your Water
B3 The Long Way Home
B4 Against All Odds
B5 Breathe

Ook interessant

€ 20,00