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Houdoe & Bedankt - Rockcity Tribute to Peter Pan Speedrock

€ 17,50 (inclusief btw 21%)

On the occasion of the farewell of Peter Pan Speedrock we say "Houdoe & Bedankt!" on this tribute that has ten Rockcity bands paying their dues to Eindhoven's finest!

Limited edition of 300 copies on Orange vinyl.


A1 The Spades - Stick It!
A2 Tigre Blanco - Boom!
A3 An Evening With Knives - Bad Boy Buddy Bob
A4 Stuurbaard Bakkebaard - Next Town
A5 Heretic - Auf Der Axe
B1 Komatsu - Megasdetitas
B2 Ronnie & Donnie feat. Honey - Knuckleboys
B3 BlackBone - Better Off Dead
B4 Candybar Planet - Angeldust
B5 Woody - Rockcity