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The Howl Ensemble - Patina

€ 25,00 (inclusief btw 21%)

An instrumental powertrio that makes an alloy of black metal, indie pop, krautrock, stoner and jazz. Take one part Motorpsycho, one part Monomyth and you'll have the basis ingredients for the instrumental blender that is The Howl Ensemble. But it doesn't stop there, that is just the beginning...

This 2LP has been pressed at the PALLAS Group in Germany, regarded one of the, if not THE best record pressing plants throughout Europe. Pressed on two seperate discs to make sure the music has the room to breathe and to sound like it was intented to sound.  


Track List

1. Abundance (7:28)

2. The Hunt (10:22)

3. Hatch (10:31)

4. Cascade (15:01)

5. Inbound (10:39)