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An Evening With Knives - Sense of Gravity

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An Evening With Knives - Sense Of Gravity

Eindhoven post-metal unit, An Evening With Knives, has finished the work on their hotly anticipated, sophomore album. Following the successful releases of their debut album Serrated and the Fade Out EP, March 6th 2020 will finally see the band return with their brand new, full-length studio album, titled Sense of Gravity, via Argonauta Records and Lighttown Fidelity. Today An Evening With Knives are not only sharing the album artwork and tracklist, but also a first single to the blistering track Endless Night,which is now available on Spotify or can be streamed HERE!

Sense of Gravity Tracklisting:
1. Sacrifice
2. Escape
3. Levitate
4. Turn The Page
5. On Your Own
6. Endless Night
7. Every Ordinary Day

Once again recorded at The Void studio by Pieter Kloos (Dool, Monomyth, The Devil's Blood, Motorpsycho), the trio delivers the same intense, layered sound that the band has showcased in the past; yet taken to a whole new level! “The songs on the new album just came out perfectly.” The band states. “Our producer Pieter Kloos really captured the raw and powerful atmospheric vibe An Evening With Knives is know for. We didn't dare to dream of a sound this huge and we can't wait to present our newborn to the world!”

Set for a release on March 6th 2020 with a grand show at the Effenaar, Sense of Gravity will be available on heavyweigth vinyl in three different colors; standard Black vinyl and limited editions on Black & White Marbled vinyl and Green & Black Marbled vinyl. Both color vinyl editions are limited to 100 copies only. The album comes in a stunning gatefold cover with gorgeous artwork. 

An Evening With Knives is:
Peter van Grunsven - Bass guitar
Ivo Jonkers - Drums & samples
Marco Gelissen - Guitar & vocals